Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble : You're stuck in an unfortunate situation, Bubble Trouble that is! Sorry I'm not an entertainer, but rather I do have an extraordinary game for you to play! Bubble Trouble is a survival game where time and bubbles are your enemies. Utilize the Arrow keys to move and the Space Bar to flame at the bubbles. Be careful however, one hit executes you. So regardless of the possibility that a bubble is at its littlest, it can murder you on the off chance that it hits you. (which bodes well, I hear bubbles now a days are to a great degree rough). 

As the bubbles get popped, littler ones will assume their position, until the bubble gets so little, that it disappears. Once in a while, a popped bubble will drop something. This could be power ups, a strong shield, time stoppage, additional time, or additional focuses. Utilize these moves up to advantage your victory of Bubble Trouble. Enter your name into to begin playing and accomplish a high score! I for one have just moved beyond level 7 so good luck to you, on the grounds that this game is hard.

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